Payment Schedule

1st Deposit

  • Your First deposit is  due or before January 15th.  You will need to remit $50 per spot that you wish to keep. (You can release any spots without penalty on or before January 15)

2nd Deposit

  • Your Second Deposit is Due on or before March 15th.  You will remit an additional $50 for each spot that you wish to keep, but you can also release any number of spots without additional expense.

Final Balance

  • Your Final Balance is due 2 weeks before your camp start date.

Deposit/Refund Policies

  • All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable...but they are not "Name" Specific.  In other words, if you reserve 20 spots any 20 campers/chaperones can fill those spots.
  • You may drop spots at anytime prior to 2 weeks before camp, without further obligation.  In simple terms, if you remit a deposit for 20 students, but drop 5 spots before the two week deadline, you are not obligated to pay any additional money.  You will forfeit the deposited amount, but you will have no further obligation for those spots.

Refund Assurance Program (Optional)

  • You can elect to participate in our refund assurance program, currently offered at $35 per reserved spot.
  • If you purchase this option, all camper fees for any cancelled spot will be refunded, at any time before camp.  For example:  If you paid $250 for the camper fee and the $35 for the Assurance Program (Total of $285), you would receive $250 refund for the unused spot.
  • If participating in the Assurance Program, it must be purchased for all spots reserved

Credit Card Payments

  • Due to our desire to keep camp cost as low as possible,  we do accept Credit Cards, but we do pass on the 3.5% credit card fee.  
  • Oddly enough, checks are preferred, but we are happy to do whatever works best for you.

Mailing Address

Camp Fuego

305 Market Street

Shreveport, LA 71101