Exec Staff Application

Thanks for your interest in applying for Exec Staff.

Exec Staff Applications must be completed before September 30 of the year prior to your service.  All applicants will be notified prior to November 1.

This is a tough gig that will challenge you in huge ways.  20% of our Exec Staffers do not return...because it really is a huge challenge on so many levels.

On the other side of that is the enormous impact you can have as an exec staffer.  Your work, preparation, and decisions will directly impact the lives of 400+ staffers and 3500+ students for the glory of Jesus.  It is a cool honor and a huge responsibility...but one that is hard to replicate. 

In the midst of your summer pursuit of Jesus, you will make some life long friendships that you will cherish forever.  It's a hard summer, but it is an amazing one.

Things to know:

  1. You will need to move to Shreveport 2 weeks before camp and plan on staying at least one week after camp.  We will help you locate a place to stay.
  2. Though we are sure no one does this for the money, for your first summer you  will receive a $2000 honorarium for your 10 weeks in exec staff. It goes up about $500 for each subsequent summer.
  3. We need you to be at the Fuego Christmas Party in Shreveport, LA.
  4. We will have one training weekend that we will try to schedule around as many things as possible.
  5. Due to the nature of the job requirements, you will need a US driver's license and a reliable form of transportation.
  6. I really hate the selection process, as everyone that has applied has always been an asset to Fuego...our biggest problem is a limited budget.  When we go through the selection process, we start with the prior year's Exec staff and then we determine which areas need to be filled...then look for the Exec Staff Applicants that will best fit that area.  For instance, if we are losing someone that has handled Fuego Fun and you are not really passionate about that area, it only makes sense to find someone who is passionate about it...make sense?  It's a tough process, so please offer us grace in the decisions.
  7. If you want the full experience, it is about a three year minimum.  In that amount of time, you will have acquired enough experience and information to pretty much run your own camp or event, really well and with plenty of confidence.  I promise.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...

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