Fire Staff is a 2 week program that Fuego offers to those who have completed their sophomore, junior or senior years of high school.  If you want to see Fuego from the inside out while serving Him, this is a great opportunity. You will work super hard... you will be stretched, challenged, and exhausted. You will lift, carry, stay up late, and get up early. You will be poured into and you will pour out. You will do virtually everything a Fuego Staffer does, except lead a DG.  Instead, you will be joined by other Fire Staffers and two Fire Staff "Parents", to form your own DG.  We only have 8 Fire Staff Spots each summer, which means we are only able to accept less than 1% of those campers who qualify..but if you are ready to work, learn, and serve, this may be where God wants you this summer.

To qualify, you will:

  • Need the approval and support of your parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • Need the recommendation of your youth pastor
  • Need to attend a camp as a camper with your church (wherever they go to camp, even if it is not Fuego)
  • Need to exhibit a life that is actively pursuing Jesus Christ
  • Need a willingness to work super hard

My Son/Daughter Wants to Be a Fire Staffer!

Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for considering the Fire Staff Program for your son or daughter. As the parent of a high school student I know you will have a lot of questions, so this is my best attempt to answer some of them:

When? 2 Session in Eunice, Louisiana (specific sessions will be announced at a later date). Your teen will need to arrive by 3:00 pm on the Sunday before the first session begins and be picked up on Friday of the second session by 2:00 pm. They will stay for 13 straight days.

Who is supervising them? Though we expect them to be responsible young people, they will be supervised by our Fire Staff Parents (a married couple that have a long history with Fuego).

What will they do? A lot of the same things our Fuego Staff does: Work camp store, serve students, clean things, facilitate activities, and spend time in deep Bible study with our Fire Staff Parents and the other amazing and highly regarded teens that make up our Fire Staff. The guy Fire Staffers will share a lodge room and the girl Fire Staffers will share another.

How much does it cost?  Free!

What happens on the weekend between the two weeks?  Mainly, rest.  

  • On Friday after camp most of our staff is exhausted, so we rest a lot.  Immediately after camp ends, we will take a Fuego van and head to Wendy's for a post camp meal (Fuego buys).  Then back to camp for sleep.  Around 6 pm, we will provide a dinner meal and we usually take all of the staff to see a movie at the local Eunice Theatre ("The Queen").  Obviously, we pick something that is G or PG, but it is totally optional.  
  • Saturday is a casual day.  We do have things to prepare in anticipation of the next group of campers, but it is not at the hurried speed of a "camp day."
  • On Sunday afternoon, we finish our preparation for the upcoming campers and the arrival of new staff.

What if I need to reach them? Though we ask them to leave their cell phone at home, you will have my cell and the facility number at your disposal.

Other Questions? Email: