Free Fuego FlaIR For you!

Here is how it works:

  • If you pay your first deposit by January 15th, we will have custom pins made for your Student Ministry at no charge to you!
  • For every camper spot you reserve, you will receive one free pin.  We will cover all of the set up and pin costs, we will also cover the design/art fees if you would rather not design it yourself.
  • If you want extra pins so your students can trade them at camp, we will have those made, too!  They cost about $1.50, so an extra 50 would cost you $75...but you can order just 0, 1 or 1000 extra, if you want them, but there is no obligation whatsoever.  We order about 20, you basically will get our discount.

What about design?

  • If you have art skills, you can simply design it in any software and then send us a PDF and we will convert it into pin art OR
  • If you want a super easy way to do it, just google "Cool pins" or "Fun Retro lapel pin" or "Cartoon Lapel Pin" or whatever and then go to images. Pick anything you like, send us a screen shot and we will design something similar to send back to you for your approval. Totally free to you. Send the screen shot to and we will do the rest!
  • You must let us know you want to take advantage of the offer, before January do not need to have the art by then, but you must let us know to expect it.