Sustaining the Flame: 

Camp Fuego's Perpetual Scholarship Fund


Camp Fuego, prays that God will allow us to be a beacon of hope and inspiration and be a place of transformation in the lives of countless students. At the heart of this impact lies the Perpetual Scholarship Fund, an initiative aimed at ensuring that the flame of opportunity continues to burn brightly for generations to come.

The Vision:

As we stride into the future, Camp Fuego envisions a world where financial constraints do not hinder a young person's ability to experience the life-changing moments that unfold within the camp's nurturing environment. The Perpetual Scholarship Fund stands as a testament to this vision, providing sustained support for aspiring campers.

Financial Milestones:

To achieve this goal, the fund has set specific financial milestones. A contribution of $15,000 guarantees the sustenance of one  scholarship for at least the next 35 years, creating a lasting impact on the lives of those it supports. Alternatively, a donation of $10,000 will fund a scholarship for a n incredible 25 years.

Reflecting on the Journey:

Having passed the initial 25-year mark in 2022, Camp Fuego is thankful for the accomplishments made possible by the generosity of its supporters. The journey thus far has been filled with stories of growth, salvation, and profound transformations. However, the need for ongoing financial support remains crucial to perpetuate this positive cycle.

The Impact:

The Perpetual Scholarship Fund has already opened doors for numerous young students, allowing them to experience the love, acceptance, and teachings of Jesus that Camp Fuego does our best to proclaim. By securing a scholarship's longevity, contributors become architects of change, fostering an environment where each individual, regardless of their financial background, can kindle their the flame of a life lived passionately for Jesus Christ.

The Call to Action:

As we look ahead, the call to action is clear. Camp Fuego invites individuals, organizations, and philanthropists to join hands in sustaining the Perpetual Scholarship Fund. A $15,000 contribution ensures a scholarship's vitality for the next 35 years, while $10,000 extends the flame for 25 years. Together, we can continue to see God impact lives and shape futures.


Camp Fuego's Perpetual Scholarship Fund is not just a financial endeavor; it is a commitment to the future. By supporting this initiative, we invest in the potential of generations to come, ensuring that the transformative experience of a life dedicated to Jesus is proclaimed to all. As we celebrate the milestones achieved, let us embrace the opportunity to be part of a legacy that lights the way for those yet to come.