Non-Golf Golf Tourney

April 9, 2021


hosted at:

FBC Haughton

105 East Washington

Haughton, LA 71037

Non-Golf Golf is Camp Fuego's only fundraiser, so we rely heavily on this event to have the ability to reach students each summer.

If you are trying to figure out what this is...let me tell you:  

Several years ago, I realized that Fuego had maxed out on what we could do if Tanya and I kept trying to finance camp on our credit cards.  Most of our cards were maxed out from prior years of camp, and camp was growing at a pace that that exceeded what we could afford.  A choice came:  Do we raise the price of camp...thereby prohibiting a lot of kids from attending and hearing the Gospel, or do we ask for help and see if anyone else shares our passion.  We new the right decision so we started trying to think of ways we could do something that's when we thought, "How about a golf tournament?"

Well, I called a good friend who was involved in the pro-golf world and asked if he could help us organize a tourney.  His reply?  "Yes, I am more than willing to help, but truthfully, other than a few expectations, at most tournaments the Golf Course is really the one that makes money." 

Then he went on, 

"You know, Jeff...with your personality (pretty sure that was an insult), you should do something like a 'Non-Golf Golf Tournament.'" 

He had never seen such and neither had I, but with the help of a great friend (John Rennie), so in 2009, we put together our first fundraiser.  The Non-Golf Golf Tournament. A 9 hole "trivia contest" with a tournament champion, runner up, and a lot of fun.

We have hole sponsors, games and great food.  It's super easy, a lot of laughs and it is critical to our ministry.  

If you can help, there is a contribution button below.

Thank you for thinking of us as we attempt to reach this generation of students with the Good News of Jesus!

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