Fuego Flair tips

How to make a popular Pin

Trading the pin is what makes the entire Pin collecting process fun...and for your pin to get traded there are some key elements that you will want to include.  This page will help you design/create a memorable pin that your students will love.  Keep in mind this is certainly not everything, so if you have some ideas we should include, PLEASE send them our way!


  1. Your Church Name (Think about helmet stickers at College Allstar Games.  People collect them because it tells a story, "I made a friend from Someplace Church.")
  2. The event name (Fuego/Camp Fuego, Fuego/Frio, etc.) (Reminding them of the place, brings back the vivid memories of people they met, fun they had, and decisions they made).
  3. The Year (This is SO important. People keep things that are dated. It provides anticipatory value. It is the primary reason people collect US coins)


  1. Remember, Fuego is losing money on every pin ordered, but the value is found in the conversation. We hear so often about students that come out of their shell just to ask someone about a pin or about a trade.  This is a game changer for a lot of students. Their guard is lowered and genuine friendships are built...which leads to deeper and deeper conversations...which can lead to life change. You want to create a pin that campers want, so they will want to trade.
  2. Have fun with the process. Bizarre is creative.  Creativity is value. 
  3. I would suggest thinking of 3-4 unrelated things and put them together. One Flair you will see came from a student pastor who named 3 items: (1) a Flying Pig (2) Sunglasses and (3) a Santa Hat.  Our artist took that description and sent him an amazing Pin that will be a huge favorite.
  4. Simply name a mammal, Food, Object and then add any clothing accessory or two...we can do the rest and you will have an amazing pin. 
  5. Your youth logo is probably very cool, but outside of your group it may not be super interesting, but if go creative, you still have your name on it, and students will wear them much longer.