Things to KNow

We are so looking forward to having you at Camp Fuego this summer! Here is the valuable information you will need for Camp Fuego 2016!

  1. Payment: The first deposit for $50.00 per reserved spot is due January 15, 2016. You can release any spots without penalty on or before January 15 (keep in mind that deposits are transferable, but not refundable. In other words, if you reserve 25 places any 25 students/leaders can fill those 25 places, but if only 20 people attend, the deposit for the 5 unused places is not refunded/transferred). The second deposit for $50.00 per reserved spot is due March 30, 2016. You can release any unwanted spots at this time, only losing the original $50 per space deposit. After March 30, any unused space will forfeit the $100 deposit amount. The Final Balance is due 2 weeks before your group's first day of camp. The check can be mailed to Camp Fuego at 305 Market St. Shreveport, LA 71101. To request an updated invoice, please email Alicia Fox -

2. Online Registration: The online registration for every person you bring to camp is due two weeks before your first day of camp. Online registration can be done by going to (.net, not .com) and clicking on the "login" link and using the username/password that you originally used to reserve your spots.At 4 days prior to camp, all camper information must be entered (you can make last minute changes without penalty). After this date if the majority of the information is not entered, your group will incur a one time $200 late registration fee. If you need the username/password, please email Please ensure that every person you are bringing is registered with a valid mailing address so that we are able to send them their 2015 DVD. If you are unsure of their mailing address, please feel free to enter your church's mailing address so you can distribute the DVD's.

3. Medical Releases: A signed medical release for every person in your group is required upon arrival to Camp Fuego. These are found on our website,, by clicking on the 'Resources' link. We ask that you print, complete, and alphabetize by last name. You will turn these in upon arrival to Camp Fuego, during your registration.

4. Other Accommodations: Please ensure that Alicia Fox ( is aware of any extra accommodations that you may need while your group is at camp (i.e.: Handicap accommodations, etc.)

5. Camper of the Week Scholarships: If any campers from your church will redeem the "Camper of the Week" Scholarship, please email alicia@campfuego to ensure the discount is applied to your invoice.

6. Variety Show: For our 2016 Variety Show, we will be hosting our first "Decades!" Show...your group can dress-up in any appropriate costume from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's for the Tuesday evening Sundown Celebration. The Variety show is similar to a game-show where "audience" members can join in the fun on-stage!

7. Leader/Student Ratio: We ask that you bring 1 leader for every 9 students. If you are bringing male students and female students, you must bring male leaders and female leaders.

8. Please do not leave your students at Camp Fuego without a leader from your church at anytime throughout the week.

9. Campers must complete the 6th grade to attend Camp Fuego.

10. Camp Locations: Weeks 1,2,3,4 & 5 are held at Acadian Baptist Center: 1202 Academy Dr. Eunice, LA 70535. Weeks 6 & 7 are held at Camp Bethany: 9766 Hwy 79 Bethany, LA 71007.

11. Church Arrival: Check-in & Registration is from 3pm-4pm on Monday of your week of camp. Registration closes at 4pm. The registration doors won't open until 3pm, but the whole process is fairly brief. You will walk through 4 different check-in tables where you will receive your binder with the information you will need, room assignments, name-tags, medicine lock-boxes and confirm your payment info with Jeff Luce. You will also turn in your medical releases during this time. After registration, there is a Church Group Leader meeting/orientation in the Adult Green Room at 4:30pm. All camp orientation begins at 5pm in the gym. The rest of the schedule for the week can be found on under 'typical summer schedule'.

12. Questions? If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know! Call our office at 800-478-3755 or email Alicia Fox at or JeffLuce at

13. Social Media: Find us on Twitter: @CampFuego, Instagram: @Camp_Fuego, or Facebook page: Camp Fuego.

14. Packing List:

15. Cell Phones: We ask that students do not use their cell phones during any of the Worship Services, DG meetings, Seminars, Sunrise Celebrations, Sundown Celebrations and Late-Night Rec.

16. We ask that all of your students wear t-shirts over their swimsuits at the pool and on the water slides.

Again, we are thrilled that you and your students are joining us for Camp Fuego 2016! Thank you for all you do. God Bless!

Alicia Fox

Camp Fuego

Phone: 800-478-3755


Address: 305 Market Street

Shreveport, LA 71101

Twitter: @CampFuego

Instagram: @Camp_Fuego